Pricing Plans

Number of users Cost Per Month
1 – 10 $20
11 – 150 $150
151 – 500 $400
501 – 1,500 $1,050
1,501 – 3,000 $1,800
3,001 – 6,000 $3,000
6,001 – 10,000 $4,000
Over 10,000 Contact us

30-day free trial, no credit card required.

How does this work?

After your free 30-day trial ends, you will be asked to select the plan that best suits your organisation. A user is simply a person our system is tracking data and generating reports on. You aren’t locked into a plan so you can freely move up and down tiers as your business grows.

How can I estimate my total users?

Any application that sends data about someone back to our system will count towards your total users. This will typically be the number of learners you have enrolled across all your training programs.

What happens if I go over my user limit?

We’ll email you as you are approaching your total user limit with your options. If you think you’re going to go over your limit, you can choose to move up a tier or pay an extra $4 for every user over your plan limit.

What is this thing?

From a technical standing, Clear View is a Learning Record Store that utilises the Experience API to track your training and performance data. On top of this, we’ve built complex analytics and  report generation functions to make measuring and analysing your training data dead simple.

What if I change my mind?

You’re not locked into any contracts, you can cancel at anytime. Simply cancel your subscription from inside Clear View and you will no longer be billed.

I’m based internationally

No problem! The above prices are in US Dollars but we’re a global organisation so we can accept money from anywhere.

More Questions?